Become an EMBER Medic

Want to become an EMBER Medic? Start today.
Calls or live chats

Answer calls and/or live chats from anywhere, anytime

Primary Physician

Keep in touch with your patients with the “Primary Physician” feature

Get paid

Support more patients and get paid instantly

Help more people

Help make everyday and emergency care more efficient, with exclusive focus on triaging patients before they get to the waiting room

What are the benefits for physicians?
  • Improve patient retention rates.
  • Provide better care.
  • Grow your practice.
  • No billing or paperwork required.
  • Additional revenue stream on your own time, whenever, wherever.
  • Set your own hours and be your own boss.
  • We provide malpractice insurance so you don’t have to worry.  
Are you a registered nurse in the US? We’d love to have you on board as well.